Chapter 3 San Diego

The Boozefighters Motorcycle Club (BFMC) is a motorcycle club, formed in California just after World War II.


Today, the BFMC has chapters across America with its national headquarters located in Fort Worth, Texas. The first European chapter was founded in the Azores Islands around 1990.


Other international chapters include CanadaJapanPhilippinesSouth KoreaItalyGermanyFrance and Belgium.

Chapter 3 was the first chapter to be chartered from Wino Willie in the early 80's and it was because of a few driven men who understood the importance and significance of a historical club like the Boozefighters.

It is the history of our club that makes us special and because of our strict policy for becoming a member of this great club that few men ever earn the right to wear what is on our backs.

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