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Almost every major MC Club has Supporters and fans like you who root for that club. This is very much like sports fans who get very emotionally riled up over Sports teams like in football or baseball… this is a page where we offer products for our backers to purchase amazing items. 


Buying Boozefighter merchandise from Chapter 3 is a great way for you to show your support...not only the club, but it also helps us to provide toys, bikes and money to causes and organizations we provide support to.



In the MC world there are couple simple facts you should be aware of.


You can always attend your favorite MC events, buy support t-shirts and support hats or whatever that proclaim “support your local “club here” and donate to club attend Runs and whatever you wish...but always show respect to the members 

If you are a supporter you are NOT a full patch club member.. this is worth repeating.. If you are a supporter you are NOT a full patch club member...but when you wear support gear, you represent the club and we expect you to show respect.

Becoming a Brother in the Boozefighers M/C is a long hard process and is not easy to get in to. Very few men in the entire world earn the right to call themselves a Brother and to wear our cherished Boozefighter Patch. If you are interested in learning more about the process, feel free to reach out to us through our Contact page and someone will be in touch.

PLEASE do not attempt to purchase Member Only items that do not say "Support" or "Support your Local" on them.

Have fun shopping and Thank you for your Support!